I’m SalesGuy, and this is MyMarketingPass

I’m Steven Sales, But My Friends Call Me SalesGuy. I’m A New Kind Of Marketing Expert For The 21st Century!

I’m best known as the resident expert and all around go-to guy here at MyMarketingPass. Over the last 10 years I’ve used the experiences of hundreds of experts to learn how to get your business the success it deserves as efficiently as humanly possible.

Here is just a little more about me:

  • I am a passionate copywriter and sales wordsmith. I can do your copywriting.
  • I’m a certified automation tactician. I will build and optimize your funnels.
  • I’m a gifted visual designer and artist. I always design beautiful print and online graphics.
  • My WordPress expertise knows no bounds. I create beautiful, lightning fast websites.
  • I am a troubleshooting master. I constantly crack any technical or software cases.
  • I’m an expert social media advertiser. I run great ads on Facebook and Google for you.

Every business needs a Marketing Expert they can rely on and they can afford. I’ll be your Marketing Butler (and close friend) on the mission to build your business.

  • I don’t like clutter.
  • I don’t take naps.
  • You can send me your ideas day or night.
  • I don’t like waiting around.


Once upon a time, while working with another basic agency doing the same old things, I realized there was a problem in the world:
The heads of so many marketing departments were filled with one person after another using painfully outdated methods – then wondering why nothing seemed to work.

No matter the industry, the common thread was that great business owners and marketing directors with variations of pretty much the same problem:

“I can’t figure out all this digital marketing stuff. I feel like it’s moving too fast and we’re losing business to other competitors that have it figured out.”

As a result, there’s too many good businesses closing down because they can never seem to get a handle on their marketing.

That’s when I realized I could help. I can crack the creative! I can tackle the technology!

That’s why MyMarketingPass was started: as an unlimited marketing service to reliably handle all of your website development, graphic design, copywriting, automation and social media needs. All in one place so you can confidently run your business knowing you never have to worry.

If nobody fixes this growing skill gap, only the largest corporations will be able to succeed; small businesses will become a thing of the past.

Login to my client portal, “pass” me a marketing job and let me do the work. Even better, you can enjoy unlimited revisions until it is right!

– Sales Guy

Learn About My Creators

Ashley Wilkes Webber

Ashley Webber

The Salesman, CEO
When Ashley was 14, he learned about direct sales by selling newspaper subscriptions one Texas summer. In fact, he was called “The Golden Boy” because he could literally sell papers in Spanish; Ashley doesn’t know spanish. From there, he further developed his marketing and sales skills. These days, he has over a decade of experience under his belt. He has uploaded his expertise into SalesGuy, to create a one-man army of marketing excellence!

Paul Sokol

The Scientist, CTO
Paul also started learning about sales in middle school, selling 10¢ dollar store candy for 25¢ on the bus. Ultimately a math nerd, he wound up securing a graduate level degree in engineering...but there was always some kind of side hustle (selling knives, video email, etc.). These days, his expertise in marketing automation is world-renowned because he has been a practicing student of the craft since 2008. SalesGuy has been programmed directly from his vast experiences in marketing.
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