Imagine having a top-level marketing director on your team and a whole dedicated marketing department to back them up, all without having to pay the big bucks…or dealing with the hassle of managing full-time employees! That’s exactly what you get with MyMarketingDirector.

We’re your trusted experts in marketing and sales, and we know how to help you grow your business. Through our elevated partnership, you can establish and maintain consistent standards within your sales & marketing staff, execute your initiatives flawlessly long-term, implement the right technology to bring it all together, and achieve your desired results faster than ever before.

With MyMarketingDirector, you don’t have to worry about the “on demand” aspect of MyMarketingPass. Meet with your Marketeer, tell them what you’d like to initiate, and let them put in your requests for you – Just one meeting, and your campaigns are up and running.

Let us take care of those ongoing efforts that can feel so overwhelming day to day. We’ll build your SEO Influence with regular keyword-centric blog posting and traffic activation. Plus we’ll help you generate fresh leads via our certified Advertising management. We’ll help plan your campaign, run it, and manage it over time so that you can gather the crucial data you need for offers that convert.

You get dedicated sales and marketing coaching, as well as your own project manager. And your own creative team will be fast-tracking all your projects for stunning marketing, and more of it. With MyMarketingDirector, you get all the creative and business muscle of your own personal advertising agency, for a fraction of the price.


Get this special package only at

All the privileges of your MyMarketingPass
Executive Membership, PLUS:

Same day on-demand
meetings with a Marketeer

3 One-hour Marketeer appointments
weekly, INCLUDING:

Sales Coaching

Executive Coaching

Marketing Coaching

Team Management

What Client Say

(Optional) Proactive content creation -
Always ongoing, without you having to ask.

Expert sales manager to implement professional sales practices for you

Expert Project Manager to oversee each of your initiative step by step

Dedicated Creative Department designing, writing, and posting your content

Dedicated Marketing Tech Department providing advanced technical support


Los Angeles, CA 
Phoenix, AZ

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