5 Things You DIDN’T Know You Could Pass Us

Welcome MyMarketingPass members (and future members)! 

You probably already know that with MyMarketingPass you can accomplish pretty much ANYTHING as it relates to growing your business, but what you may not know is that it doesn’t stop there! Not by a long shot…

Obviously you can leverage your Unlimited On-Demand membership for the big things like stunning logos, building sexy websites, or writing amazing social media posts, BUT there are tons of less widely known extra stuff built into your membership that you might not have thought about.

So here are just 5 of our favorite lesser-known tasks that you can request right now to start better promoting your business the way it deserves!

  1. Marketing Job #1 – Schedule Social Media Posts
    • You don’t have to be chained to your social media accounts! Write great content in advance and let us schedule your posts straight to your profiles. This way, you can relax and forget about posting to social media and focus on more important things 🙂
  1.  Marketing Job #2 – HD Sticker Design
    • So many different audiences love stickers, that’s a fact! Stickers are a great way for your fans to celebrate their love for your business or your mission and best of all they are easy to slide into an envelope for a nice little token of appreciation. Plus, it’s effectively free ongoing marketing when someone uses them. Let us design you an eye-catching sticker that your fans will be proud to stick!
  1.  Marketing Job #3 – Edit or Remove Backgrounds from Images
    • Your images need to look sharp for maximum effectiveness. Sometimes, you may need to touch up a great shot of your product or service. Sometimes you need to remove a subject from the background entirely so you can enter it into new images. Sometimes there is something distracting in the background of your shot. Whatever it is, we extract the good stuff from your images and get rid of the parts you don’t need for you to create a valuable business asset that can be used and re-used in your marketing.
  1. Marketing Job #4 –  Infographic Design
    • Often the info alone doesn’t paint enough of a picture for your audience. Give us your statistics, a list of steps, or data you’d like to elevate and let us design a stunning infographic that illustrates your point in vivid detail so that you can share it EVERYWHERE and make a bigger impact!
  1. Marketing Job #5 –  Video/Audio Transcription
    • Depending on the situation or the person, it’s often easier to speak than it is to type. Whether you have a recording of an event or meeting, or if you’d like to dictate notes for team members, with a simple submission, we will go through your audio or video file and write out the spoken text so that you can repurpose the content. We can also take a transcript you already have and turn it into a valuable blog post or even a set of social media posts. 

Amazing right? Imagine what you can achieve with all of these extra tools in your battle-chest. As always. There’s never an extra charge for more tasks, just submit them and we’ll move from the last task to the next. I hope that excites you as much as it does me.

So what are you waiting for? Try putting in a scheduled social media post, a sticker design, cut a background out from an image, create an infographic, or even give us an audio or video file to transcribe. 

To learn more about our memberships or how MyMarketingPass is saving businesses like yours thousands and thousands of dollars a year, talk to an expert: Click Here or Text/Call 213-805-7675.