What is Missing in the Graphic Design Industry?

Adding graphic designs to your content will help increase your audience’s memory by 65%! But how do you do so without all the problems and high cost of working with graphic artists? Follow the steps in this article to avoid the biggest problems in the graphic design industry and get the images you want.

Most people have long known that visuals are important and increase engagement tremendously. Most adults can recall images more accurately than words. They also find it easier to process visual information versus text. You already know what this means for you as an entrepreneur or business owner. Whether you’re writing a blog, working on your website, or even creating audio, you definitely want to add some visual content.

One of the biggest challenges that you may face is to hire content creators who can do the job within your budget. The person, or team, that you hire should be able to create a wide variety of digital content. Such content will include images, which are valuable, since they can capture attention and provide a quick way to communicate a message. However, other types of graphic digital assets, such as infographics and charts, can be helpful in providing an overview of complex information or highlighting key points. Ultimately, whoever you select to work for you should know how to help you come up with the best approach to use a mix of visual content, depending on the needs of your audience. By doing so, you’ll ensure that your content is both informative and engaging.

Businesses often face challenges when working with graphic designers to create their visual content such as images, photos, videos, banners, and logos.We asked people who work with graphic artists about the problems that commonly arise in order to find the best ways to solve those issues. Whether they’re a visual content creator is a friend or family member, or someone they found on Fiverr or Pinterest, or perhaps with a graphics design agency or a marketing agency, the issues that clients mentioned are very similar. Below you will find some of the top problems and things that are missing in the graphic design industry and some of the solutions that we offer.

The Biggest Challenges and What’s Missing in the Graphic Design Industry

Many people report that graphic designers are often frustrating to work with. However, when we asked the designers, they stated that working with businesses is very difficult. Therefore, communication is a huge problem. Perhaps this is both parties’ faults or maybe business owners don’t know how to communicate what they want. However, it could be that graphic artists can’t comprehend what their clients are trying to say. Regardless, one of the top things missing in the graphic design industry is good, effective communication.

1. The problem with communication and graphic designers

Clients often say that designers are hard to communicate with. This is tragic because communication is critical to a graphic designer for many reasons, but mainly because clients should be happy and get what they paid for. Most visual design projects are expensive and require being able to fully understand what’s on the client’s mind and the parameters of the project. Sometimes the owner doesn’t even know exactly what they want. This is where good communication is crucial. This helps to ensure that both the client and the designer are on the same page from the start, and prevents problems later on. Good communication with the client is also key to ensuring that they are happy with the final product. If there are any changes that need to be made, or if the client has any concerns, it is up to the designer to listen carefully and make sure that those needs are met. Lastly, good communication is important for maintaining a good relationship with clients and keeping them coming back. A happy client is more likely to recommend a designer to others, which can lead to more work and higher income. In conclusion, communication is essential for any graphic designer and any business owner to accomplish the goals of the organization.

The solution to communication problems with your graphic designer(s)

In order to resolve this common problem, as the client, you should learn how to effectively communicate with your graphic designer because you truly need this person. The first thing to do when effectively communicating with your graphic artist, you must know who your target audience is right off the bat. Here are some tips on how to find your target audience.

2. The problem of designers not listening, or understanding, and doing something completely different

Whether people find their graphic artists on these common websites such as Kimp, Fiverr, Upwork, Toptal, ManyPixels, 99designs, Onlinejobs.ph., or Freelancer.com, or if they choose a family member or friend, or hired one with an agency, another top complaint is that designers don’t listen and do something totally different than what they were told to do.

The solution to graphic designers not listening or understanding and coming up with something different

Once again this all boils down to effective communication, listening, and being able to relay what you need while listening to the person you hired as they are the professional in their industry. Make sure that you don’t do the following, which are some of the top things that designers hate to hear:

So now you have a few of the top things that are missing in the graphic design industry and they can be solved by knowing who your target audience is, what your budget is, what you have in mind, what you need the creative visuals for, specific dimensions and colors (or samples of what you like), etc. The best way to solve the problems of what’s missing when dealing with graphic designers is to make sure you know what you want and you communicate with them effectively. Then listen, listen, listen. It’s also best to get some rough drafts from them before their work is finalized and handed to you.

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