6 Tips To Request Stunning Graphic Designs

Sales Guy is a stellar graphic designer, there’s no question about that. But he isn’t always as great of a mind reader. 

He’s been working with businesses like yours long enough to have some pretty other-worldly intuition and with unlimited revisions included with the MyMarketingPass membership you are always guaranteed to love the final project – but with these Six Simple Tips for Requesting Stunning Graphic Design, you can get to the gold quicker than ever! 

  1. The Call to Action
    • What result do you want to have when the audience views it? Do you want them to click the link below? Call or Text you? Visit your website? Every graphic should be a tool that aids pushing your audience from one step of the sales journey to the next 
  1. The “Feel”
    • You can tell Sales Guy how you want the image to “FEEL.” I want this image to feel modern. I want this image to feel rustic. I want this graphic to have luscious colors and feel sexy. Often an image’s feel will inform the choices we make around design to make sure your content is hitting the right note.
  1. Details
    • Giving us the specifics you have in mind will help Sales Guy start in the right direction. If there is exact language that needs to be used, or a website, be sure to include those specifics. Or if there are certain colors that need to be used. Also, a list of clear “Need To Haves” and “Please Do Nots” will help make sure we nail it the first time.
  1. An Example
    • A picture is worth a thousand words. Rather than try to give a vivid AND technically clear design request, feel free to also submit an example and what you like about it. Sales Guy will use it as inspiration and you can be confident the end result will be what you were looking for.
  2. Placement Context
    • There are different design considerations based on where a graphic is going to be used. If a graphic is going to be used in a magazine article, we need to know that. However, if a graphic is only for a social media post, we need to know that too. Even if you want to re-use a graphic in multiple places, let us know. we may spit out a few different versions with various sizes and quality, to ensure you have the best graphic for the specific placement.
  1. The Target Audience
    • Defining who is a graphic design intended for will help determine elements like the age of people stock assets or other particular style choices. Sales Guy has been designing for different audiences ranging the whole spectrum, from amusement parks and children’s events to home shows, senior products and everything in between, so giving him audience specifics can help him make things extra attractive to your target.  

Do you know the specifics of the target audience you are looking for? If you haven’t completed an updated Target Audience Audit in the last 6-months, you’re overdue. 

To learn more about scheduling a Target Audience Audit with an expert, our memberships, or how MyMarketingPass is saving businesses like yours thousands and thousands of dollars a year, talk to an expert: Click Here or Text/Call 213-805-7675.