What Does 1 Task At A Time Mean?

Your MyMarketingPass account comes with a full-time friendly neighborhood personal marketing Butler by the name of Sales Guy who is going to be taking care of you. Think of him as the ultimate Marketing Team Member for your business. Dedicated. Tireless. Knowledgable. 

He takes your requests via the MyMarketingPass Portal or by chat 24 hours a day (you never have to wait to start a new project or give him an update on new developments).

Once he has your request he will begin work immediately, whether that be website design, social media posting, content writing, or any other job you need and he will work on that task until it’s complete. 

Once he’s done he will upload any completed files into your MyMarketingPass Drive and update you via your MyMarketingPass Portal and by email where you can request unlimited revisions until you absolutely love it. 

If he has any questions during the process, he will email you at the primary address for your membership and send you a notice via the member portal so you always know whats going on.

Sales Guy can typically return each task in 1-3 days, depending on how long we’ve been working together and the complexity of your request. Obviously, more robust, complex or time-consuming requests can take longer but Sales Guy will always be diligently working on your next task at hand.

If something comes up, don’t worry! At any time you can put in a new request and move it to the top of your list. Your marketing butler will pause working on that one to work on the new project. Just add “URGENT” to the requested nickname and he’ll change course.  

Then when that’s done, he will resume work on the project already in process before moving on to the next task in the queue. That’s what we mean by “one at a time.” Your Marketing Butler will stay hard at work all the time… 

We know the needs of a business like yours need to be flexible and your business needs the freedom to jump at new opportunities so MyMarketingPass and Sales Guy will be here to help each step along the way.

To learn more about our memberships or how MyMarketingPass is saving businesses like yours thousands and thousands of dollars a year, talk to an expert: Click Here or Text/Call 213-805-7675.