The top 10 MOST REQUESTED Jobs to Pass

HEY LOYAL MEMBER (or Future Member)! SalesGuy here putting in another beautiful day making marketing magic for our MyMarketingPass Members. One of my favorite things about my job is getting to do all the little fun things that most business owners don’t get time to do themselves.

Now after over 500 tickets have been completed in our MyMarketingPass portal, here’s a list of the TOP 10 MOST REQUESTED PASSED MARKETING JOBS:

The top 10 MOST REQUESTED Jobs Passed to MyMarketingPass

  1. Post/Schedule Instagram Updates
    • Our executive members LOVE being able to pass off social content for us to post and put on their feed for them. You see, when you get a great image that you want to share, it might not always make sense to share right at that moment. Pass me the image and a caption through the MyMarketingPass portal, and I will schedule it to show up at exactly the appropriate time. Then forget about it, you have more important things to focus on – I got you!
  2.  Revise and Complete Blog Posts
    • I’m an expert copywriter trained in storytelling and how exactly to make content engaging sound right for your audience. As a member of our unlimited marketing services, you can send me a draft for a blog post, and I will polish it up into something you’d be proud of! Ready for a Pro Tip?: Schedule your content and have me publish the fresh post onto your blog FOR you 🙂
  3.  Property Graphics
    • This is a favorite with our realtor members! You provide me with a good shot of a property, and I will overlay any necessary text or calls-to-action in a professional and clean design. Then, you can use it wherever you want OR have me post to your social channels (if you are an executive member).
  4. Business Cards
    • Not every business card is created equally. Gone are the days of a standard business card with contact information. Your business card should be a valuable marketing asset, not just a glorified billboard! Have me produce a high-quality business card that includes your brand, the key information AND gives people a direct call-to-action. Think of it like a mini-salesperson!
  5. Email Broadcasts
    • If you have a CRM or email marketing system, you can leverage this marketing-as-a-service to ensure your broadcasts are sent properly AND to the right segment of your database. Not everyone is technically apt, nor do they want to learn. That’s fine with me! You give me the email content (or “pass” me another job to write the email first), tell me who needs to receive it, and I will send it from whatever system you are using. Without you having to personally touch your email tool 🙂

It’s definitely not hard to see why these are our most popularly passed requests. As you can imagine, these tasks alone can really help most businesses reach more of their audiences with confidence –  but there are a ton of other great services on demand to choose from that are already included with your MyMarketingPass Unlimited Marketing Membership.

“That’s only FIVE jobs SalesGuy, where are the other five?”

Astute observation fair reader! My main job is ensuring that all our members are being taken care of. And right now, I need to hop back into the ticket portal and handle some of these jobs.

I’ll have to finish this blog post in a 2nd entry. Stay tuned and thanks for being understanding 🙂

Update: I got around to finishing part 2, check it out here!

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